Even those with the grittiest of grit, started somewhere. Before they could change a tire with barely any tools, fix leaks with zero hesitation, or even fully understand the persistence, determination, and drive it takes to get both them and their motorbike to places most don’t dream of…they too once stared at that machine of opportunity and dreamt of the day they would conquer it. Or quite simply to just turn that anxiety to excitement every time the pavement turns to dirt…

In this 1 day class we teach the fundamentals and key differences between both on-road and off-road riding. From body position, braking, & clutch control, to just making you as comfortable and confident as possible on the bike. We’ll answer questions, talk through basic maintenance, and work closely with you through practice.

This is a low-key, un-intimidating class that’s meant to be only as challenging as you’d like to make it.

Guest Trainers

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Bill Edgar

Curriculum: MSF ADV
"This course is a great stepping stone for those just entering the ADV world and starting their off-road adventures."
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At Grit

June 29 - 29
Level: 1
July 24 - 24
Level: 1
August 17 - 17
Level: 1
September 13 - 13
Level: 1