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Yamaha T700

A lightweight, fully capable adventure bike. This bike is amazing for beginners and experts alike, and will go as far as you can push it. It will spark a smile on paved twisties and dirt trails alike.

Starting At $140.00 Per Day


Honda CRF250

Another great option for beginners looking to cut their teeth on something other than a Yamaha. The CRF250 is up to almost any challenge you'll encounter at GRIT.

Starting At $130 Per Day


Yamaha XT250

The XT250 is a great entry bike for getting started on dirt, and practicing techniques. It's capable, forgiving, and just plain fun.

Starting At $130.00 Per Day


Yamaha TW200

For those learning how to ride or your first time on dirt, this bike is a gem. It will get you up and over just about anything you're willing to attempt.

Starting At $110.00 Per Day

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All inclusive Southern Baja Tour

Flying in and out of Cabo, this all-inclusive immersion tour takes you through some of the most scenic stops within the Southern half of Baja. This friendly ride will give you the chance to explore dirt roads, churches, beaches, and more while increasing your confidence and bettering your riding technique. Come have some fun with us!

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