Prior to each course or tour, we’ll have an option for a 1/2 day moto workshop. No matter your mechanical ability, every rider should know the basics as you head off adventuring in the backcountry. In this workshop, we’ll walk you through the vital necessities to always carry in your kit, along with some upgrades and definite nice-to-have’s. Have questions on something specific? Shoot us a message before hand and we’ll make sure to address it during the workshop.

Please contact us directly for any date requests.  

  • Core toolkit essentials
  • Misc items to always have in your kit
  • Checklist for a thorough bike run through prior to any ride or tour
  • General maintenance tools & questions
  • Tire changing demo
  • Take home checklist
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Adventure Bike Skills

Perfect for those transitioning to dirt or looking to master the core techniques that will take your riding confidence to the next level. A beginner to intermediate course.

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